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tHrOnE began when brothers Derek and Casey Trafton and their cousin Justin Millar started playing at the early ages of 12 and 14.

They quickly gained momentum and got major airplay on New England's biggest radio stations, eventually touring the country 7 times, putting out 5 albums and playing alongside some of the world's biggest pop, rock and punk acts.

The band Good Charlotte and especially guitarist Billy Martin grew a liking to tHrOnE, and went on to produce some of their music and put them on major tours. tHrOnE was offered several major label record deals and turned them down, believing that they "weren't right" and that they would be better off doing it their way until the "right" deal came along.

In 2010 guitarist Justin left the group, which put them on an indefinite hiatus. Although brothers Derek and Casey went on to create some music, it was not under the name tHrOnE until 2017.

In the summer of 2017 Derek, Casey and Tour Manager Aaron Fairbanks decided it was time for a return. 30-40 songs were written in the course of 2 months, and then narrowed down to 13 songs which would eventually be their 6th studio/self-titled album "tHrOnE" 2018.

The band still has a deep rooted fan base which they refer to as "chillas", and look forward to the future creating more music and hopefully returning to the stage...


Vocals, Bass, Guitars / Derek Trafton
Drums / Casey Trafton



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Released:  March 19, 2018

Released: March 19, 2018

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