Albums That Started It All: Frogstomp

It's time for #ATSIA number 3 - if you're new, it's my (Derek) personal recollection of "albums that started it all".

Alright, we might as well get the big boy out of the way - Frogstomp 🐸

My (and everyone else's) introduction to Silverchair. Unlike the first two albums I listed, I didn't find the 'chair via schoolmates - I discovered them all on my own. This made it even more special. It was that damn "Tomorrow" video with the pig. I must have seen it one of the first times it was aired on MTV...I researched this girl-looking boy Daniel Johns, and became hooked.

Let me not underplay "hooked". I was obsessed. As obsessed as it gets. This album took over a good 7 years of my life. Everything was Silverchair after this. And the fact that they were so young made it all the more inspirational that I could do this band thing.

Daniel doesn't sound like a 14 yr old on this record, at all. I was shocked to find out how young they were. The songs were so good, albeit the resemblance to the grunge bands of the era. But these guys were different. They were more relatable to me. I don't want to get into the levels of obsession here, so take my word for it, ok? The dictionary definition of "obsessed".

This is probably the only album that I can play entirely on guitar from memory. Every song. They're still great songs. As a matter of fact, I haven't listened to it in a LONG time. Maybe I'll give it a spin...