Albums That Started It All: Weezer Blue Album

Hey ya’ll – it’s Derek.
So I had this idea that I thought would be pretty fun. I’m going to start a little project called #ATSIA (albums that started it all), and I’ll try and post once a week for the next couple months or so. Basically, it’s going to be a little recollection of the earliest albums which inspired me to start playing guitar, and music in general. A little bit of a read, but I thought it would be fun because you can share your own if you like as well!

The first album that comes to mind is the Weezer blue album. I remember exactly where I was – 7th grade Spanish class, 5 mins before class started. There was a kid sitting on top of his desk playing a guitar – it was some cheap Fender Strat knock off. I didn’t think too much of it, until I heard him fumbling out “The Sweater Song”. I just froze and stared – “he’s making REAL music come out of that thing!!” It was so simple, but it sort of blew my mind. I needed to be able to do that. I also remember exactly who this kid was, but I won’t call him out. Well, my Uncle owned a small music shop at the time, so that same night I asked my mom if Uncle Larry could get me a guitar. I had one the next day. It was some cheap Fender Strat knock off 😂And that was the beginning!

Weezer, btw, STILL kicks ass. If you haven’t heard their newest album “Pacific Daydream” yet – it’s worth many listens!!