Albums That Started It All: Dookie

Ok, time for round two of #ATSIA...

This one may come as a surprise - tHrOnE sounds nothing like Green Day. But their first (major) album "Dookie" was still a massive influence on me as a 14 yr old.

This album was my first introduction into anything punk related. Also in grade school at the time, this CD was loaned to me by Kyle Lavorgna (I think I ended up keeping it - sorry Kyle). CD's were still relatively fresh, so I felt SO awesome with this disc. I carried it around with me everywhere for a good couple of weeks! 💿

I loved the songwriting on every track. They were so melodic, yet still had an edge. They were relatively easy to learn on guitar. I also fell in love with the idea of a 3-piece band because of Green Day. I always thought anything more than that was just too much. Looking back at it now, it's easy to lump this record in the "basic pop punk" category - but at the time, it pushed so many boundaries. I loved that. And the songs still hold true 👨‍🎤

Say what you want about Green Day, but they are damn good at what they do!